In today’s interconnected world, your IT systems are under attack from multiple sources. That is why having just one layer of protection will not protect your network for very long. InnoTek’s urProtected!™ network security uses a multi-layered approach to protect your network from attacks.
InnoTek’s first line of defense is working before the attack ever reaches your network! urProtected!™ email protection and continuity blocks 99% of spam, viruses, and unwanted junk mail.

By blocking these malicious items before they enter your network, your network equipment and servers will run more efficiently by focusing processing power on business related tasks. Your employees will thank you, as they will not have to deal with all of that “junk mail” that currently awaits them every morning.

urProtected!™ firewalls eliminate viruses, filter your unwanted Internet traffic, and provide Intrusion Detection at the point where the Internet enters your building! Malicious attacks, viruses and hackers are stopped by up-to-date filtering software.

Even with multiple lines of defense, viruses and malware can still reach your desktop device. InnoTek’s urProtected!™ Desktop Security includes the industry gold standard of protection by including Kaspersky Antivirus and MalwareBytes anti-malware. Your protection is monitored daily by our network technicians.