• “Until we signed up with InnoTek I was always afraid that one day something was going to happen and we were not going to have a backup to rely upon. Since signing up with InnoTek that fear is gone. I know our backup is being done daily and is complete. They are constantly monitoring our network and computers. They have reached out to us when memory on a computer was getting too high and just recently worked with us to reduce the storage on a drive on our server. We don’t have to worry about anything – we let InnoTek do all the work. They are a professional and detail oriented company. InnoTek will take the time to help you understand the difficult terminology and processes when it comes to technology. We at Sensational Sweets highly recommend InnoTek for all of your technology needs!”

    Tricia L.
    Office Manager
    Sensational Sweets

  • “During implementation of our VOIP project, our old fax machine suddenly stopped working. We were unable to fix the problem ourselves, and we had 2 faxes that had to go out (one was urgent, one was critical).

    “Curtis from InnoTek called and said he would be at our store in 30 minutes. Once I knew InnoTek was going to be onsite to resolve this, I felt both relief and confidence that our problem would be fixed quickly.

    “Curtis worked with the VOIP provider to resolve the issue. We were able to get our faxes out on time.

    “I went with InnoTek because we are a small operation and I needed to be certain IT issues would be handled quickly and professionally. I had every confidence that InnoTek fit the bill. Yesterday proved I made the right call.”

    James O’Meara
    Office Manager
    Penn-Lee Footwear