Improved system reliability with a simplified and virtualized IT infrastructure

Enhance server performance and utilization by adopting virtual machines

Having too many underutilized servers result in two things: higher cooling and maintenance costs, and reduced office space. These issues can be addressed by changing the way IT resources are managed and deployed.

InnoTek’s Virtualization service can help you simplify your IT environment by setting up virtual workspaces. This means your IT infrastructure can be delivered via virtual servers that have capabilities to host multiple workloads instead of having to deploy physical servers on-site. It also allows you to access your workspace from any computer, any time, anywhere.

Our Virtualization service lets you:

  • Develop a comprehensive plan - including your timeframe and responsibilities to ensure the move will be completed on time
  • Survive disasters with peace of mind – with a simple click of a button, all your data will be restored quickly
  • Save on electric bills and be eco-friendly – reduced physical servers mean less cooling costs and more savings
  • Take back office space – get rid of bulky physical servers with consolidated virtual machines


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