Managed IT Support and Services

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Say goodbye to IT malfunctions and hello to improved productivity

It’s a typical day at the office. You’re fielding some emails or consulting with a customer. The phone rings and you’re told there’s a major issue with your website — pages are taking over a minute to load and customers are complaining. Now, you have to drop what you’re doing to call your IT guy. You’re wasting time and missing out on sales calls.

But what if there was a way to keep your IT from breaking in the first place? You could eliminate costly repairs and have more time to run your business. Your teams would become more efficient and therefore more profitable. InnoTek’s Managed IT Support and Services can turn that dream into a reality.

With our Managed IT Support and Services, you get:

  • 24/7 monitoring – gain peace of mind knowing your systems are safe
  • Preventative maintenance – we pinpoint and fix problems before they result in downtime
  • Remote and overnight services – so you experience fewer disruptions to your business
  • All-inclusive IT – flat-rate service fees that include hardware and software let you take control of budgeting
  • Service within an hour – hear from us within an hour of reporting an issue or the work is free — guaranteed


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