Managed Security

Proactive Managed Security solutions - for peace of mind

At InnoTek, we understand that small businesses rely heavily on a secure network. Threats to email, Web browsing and instant messaging (IM) are getting more sophisticated by the day. And because of this, network security is a real concern.

No one wants to lose their data or deal with the loss of time, productivity and money that accompanies a security breach. You want a reliable, secure network. And your business deserves it.

InnoTek’s Managed Security solution takes a proactive approach to prevent issues from ever arising. We specialize in expert planning, implementation, auditing, monitoring and management to give you complete information security.

We provide a wide range of Managed Security solutions for small and medium businesses, including:

  • Secured Laptop - protect your internet communications such as email, instant messaging and web browsing
  • Web Filtering - block malicious or inappropriate web content
  • Managed Firewall - block malicious traffic
  • Intrusion Protection - works with your firewall to give you maximum security
  • Wireless Information Security - prevents strangers accessing your network
  • Vulnerability Analysis - pinpoint the weak spots in your network - before they disrupt it

Information Security is not something you can "set and forget." Don’t let a lapse in security cost you your business.

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