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Have you heard that cybersecurity is critical for your small business's survival, but you're not sure where to begin in getting the proper defenses in place? If you answered yes, it's time to consider IT Security Services provided by InnoTek, Northeastern PA's most capable IT managed service provider (MSP). We will help you get high-grade data security management that protects your files, folders, and software—and implement employee security awareness training programs, too.

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Why Does Your Small Business Need Robust IT Security?

It's an unfortunate fact in our interconnected world full of cybersecurity threats—a lapse in IT security can cost you your business.

Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have limited resources, and they are more at risk of not being able to survive a security breach. This makes it imperative for SMBs to have a reliable network and robust security.

InnoTek's IT Security Services solution takes a proactive approach to prevent issues from ever arising. We specialize in network planning, auditing, monitoring, and complete IT systems management to give you comprehensive protection from internal and external threats.

Ready to get started? Just get in touch with us here at InnoTek for your risk-free IT Security consultation. Your teams can become more efficient and more profitable, all while remaining completely protected—it's possible with the right IT security provider by your side!

The 3 Biggest Ways Managed IT Security Services Protect Your Business

Becoming a cybercrime victim can compromise much more than just your business data. Data breaches ruin your brand image and customer trust in your company. They also can cost thousands—even millions—of dollars to recover from.

Choosing the right MSP to advise you on your business's IT security and overall technology management will provide your Northeastern PA business with a long list of advantages. Here at InnoTek, we pride ourselves on helping our clients keep their business networks safer, which can ultimately mean the difference between thriving and failure for many SMBs.

These are just three of the most significant protections you should be getting from any IT Security Services partner.

With IT Security Services from InnoTek, You Get:

  • Vulnerability Analysis – When we begin working with you, we will pinpoint weak spots in your network and help you determine the best protection solutions so your business is no longer exposed.
  • Web Filtering – Let us help you keep malicious or inappropriate web content blocked.
  • Device Security Solutions – As you switch between a variety of devices, we will make sure your communications, web browsing, and file sharing are safe, no matter what.
  • Intrusion Protection & Wireless Network Security – We will ensure that your firewall is correctly configured and create a secure wireless network setup that prevents unauthorized access to your network.

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Brand and Image Protection

Consider what can happen if your customer and vendor details are stolen in a data breach. Your company will not only experience expensive downtime, but your brand image may be significantly tarnished. Those who have trusted you with their business may no longer see you as trustworthy once you have mishandled their Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Financial Protection

Personal data laws are changing, which require companies that have experienced a data breach to make public disclosures. This can create a major unplanned PR expense. You could also end up having to pay fines for mishandling data, not to mention the cost of downtime. Better IT security prevents these costs to your business.

Less Legal Risk Exposure

Along with the cost aspects of a data breach comes the unpleasant fact that your business could be sued by customers whose PII has been compromised or stolen. When you trust an experienced MSP with your IT security, you can cut the risk of a lawsuit like this considerably.

Why Your Team Needs Security Awareness Training

  • Data breaches are often caused by well-meaning employees who "didn't know better" and fell for social engineering or other phishing attacks.
  • Remotely working from unsecured Wi-Fi connections opens your business data up to more threats than you've ever imagined.
  • Allowing employees to use their own devices with no limits is dangerous. Learn to BYOD safely.
  • Ongoing security awareness training helps employees stay on their toes and creates a robust human defense against cybercrime.

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