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A growing business is good news. However, this may also mean moving to new premises that can accommodate your growing organization. Arranging an office move and cabling by yourself can be an enormous undertaking. Without proper planning and execution, office relocations will result in extended downtime which can negatively impact productivity.

InnoTek’s Office Moves service covers all aspects of relocation: planning, security, communication, and technology deployment. Our team of experts ensure the safety and stability of your IT systems before, during, and after the relocation. Your business doesn't have to grind to a halt and productivity doesn't have to suffer.

InnoTek will:

  • Provide a comprehensive plan that includes a timeframe and responsibilities to ensure the move will be completed on time
  • Protect your data from being lost or compromised and your hardware from damage
  • Keep all members of the team on the same page with clear internal and external communication
  • Migrate your systems to a hybrid cloud solution to ensure you remain online during an office move
  • Use top-quality cabling materials and industry best practices for optimal network performance


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