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Stay One Step Ahead of Cyber Threats with Comprehensive Protection

Imagine it’s 2 a.m., and you get a notification that an intruder has activated the security alarm at your business. But instead of your security company notifying the police, your business gets pushed into a queue that could take precious hours to get in touch with emergency personnel. You likely wouldn’t stay with that security company for very long, would you?

You run the same risk when you work with inferior cybersecurity firms. Cyberattacks can happen at any time to anyone. And if your current IT company is inefficient and slow to respond to non-critical issues, how much damage will a hacker do to your business while waiting for your IT security company to act?

That’s why your small to medium-sized business in Northeastern PA needs InnoTek Computer Consulting! Our comprehensive IT security, virus removal, and rapid incident response help keep your business safe from cyber intruders. And if they penetrate your cyber defenses, we’ll be there to help you kick them out and recover from any data loss you may experience. Keep your business safe from cyber threats by talking to our experienced team!

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Our comprehensive Security service includes:

  • High-grade data security management that protects your files, folders, and software
  • System analysis to make sure you get a network security solution that covers every aspect of your IT infrastructure
  • Employee training so your staff knows how to identify and stop social engineering scams

Why Cybersecurity Is Crucial to Business

Overlooking IT security leaves your business vulnerable to hackers and malware. This danger will not only put your customers’ private information at risk but can also potentially result in closing your business for good. Fortunately, as a cybersecurity firm, InnoTek protects you from any form of intrusion and helps you boost customer confidence.

Our team of security experts will monitor your IT environment for suspicious activities. When we detect cyberthreats, we respond immediately to remedy the situation. We will also implement first-class spam protection and anti-malware solutions for maximum security. To maintain your safety, we will also perform regular assessments and update your solutions to the latest patches.

These security protocols are necessary for businesses who want to feel confident that their network security and operations are performing up to par and able to detect and remove viruses, various types of malware, and phishing schemes that threaten your company.

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As a business owner, you have a lot of responsibilities. Let our cybersecurity firm take data security off your plate and find the issues you may not see. From threat detection to mobile and application security, we can spot the tiniest vulnerabilities and put security protocols in place to protect you.

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While free antivirus software may help provide some protection, it’s not enough for small businesses that are often the target of cybercriminals. Our comprehensive security platform and software help keep a watchful eye on every aspect of your hardware and software—giving you the protection you deserve.

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Imagine a world where your business data is just gone—financials, employee records, client information, and more. How long could your business survive? With cybersecurity services from InnoTek, you can rest assured that your greatest assets are safe with our cloud-based backups and off-site data centers.

Maximize the Way You Use Technology and Ensure that It Can Support Your Business Processes

We know you need more than a cybersecurity firm to protect your business. Luckily, when you work with InnoTek for your enterprise security, you can also get our IT consulting services which help optimize your hardware and software to help advance your business further than you ever imagined.

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Why InnoTek Should Be Your Choice for Cybersecurity

When managing security at your business, you need an IT provider like InnoTek to help with vulnerability and risk management, threat intelligence, and malware protection. But unlike other cybersecurity firms, we never leave you wondering whether we’re doing enough to protect your business. Not only do we guarantee a response from us within one hour, but we eliminate tech-speak, so you understand exactly what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.

Plus, when you contact us for your assessment, we’ll dive deeply into your network to expose vulnerabilities and devise a plan to mitigate your risks. And all it takes is three easy steps for you to get this protection:

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Give us a call, and we’ll schedule you as soon as possible for one of our technicians to come to your location for an evaluation.


We’ll do a deep dive into your network and document aspects of your security, such as:

  • Internal and external security protocols
  • Inventory hardware and software
  • Provide a workflow analysis where we examine specific job duties at your company and map how it relates to your hardware and software
  • Learn where data is stored


After our thorough examination, we’ll provide you with a written document on our findings that clearly maps out your access to the internet and how it relates to your various hardware and software. We’ll let you know how protected your business is from cyber threats and provide recommendations such as IT security, virus removal, and disaster recovery protocols.


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Whether your business is in Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Williamsport, Hazleton, or Bloomsburg, InnoTek wants to help you! As a cybersecurity firm that is experts in helping small businesses with their IT security, we can help keep your business safe from the hackers who want to infiltrate your network and steal your data. Our comprehensive protection provides cloud security services, endpoint protection, malware removal, penetration testing, and much more.

Get started today by getting in touch with our experts today! We’d love to provide an IT consultation to show you where you can improve your network vulnerabilities and keep your business as safe as possible. Plus, if there ever is a cyberthreat detected, we’ll respond quickly, so you have the peace of mind you deserve that your IT company is on top of the latest threats. Contact us to get started today!

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