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There's no argument. Email security is a central component in a proper small business cybersecurity program. But most small business leaders don't have time to research and implement effective email security strategies and tactics. That's where InnoTek can help with affordable spam protection and many more IT Security Services that your Northeastern PA business shouldn't be without. When you're ready to secure your technology with the best cybersecurity solutions—for email and so much more—it's time to connect with InnoTek.

Why Email Security Matters to Your Small Business

According to industry tracking sources, about 85% of global email volume every day is spam. For business owners, this equals billions—yes, billions—of dollars in lost productivity each year in dealing with the constant flood. Spam also presents security risks to your network as hackers most often use it for phishing your employees for confidential information.

Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have limited resources, and they are more at risk of not being able to survive a security breach instigated by constant email threats. This makes it imperative for SMBs to have robust email security and spam protection in place.

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Email Security is More Than Just Spam Filters

InnoTek's Email/Spam Protection solution employs intelligent, custom filters, email encryption, and multiple defense layers that can stop phishing attempts, malware intrusions, and hacker attacks. Our email security service will not only protect your inboxes and your email server but also ensure your compliance with secure data storage rules that govern sensitive information.

Ready to get started? Just get in touch with us here at InnoTek for your risk-free IT Security consultation. Your teams can become more efficient and more profitable, all while remaining completely protected—it's possible with the right IT security provider by your side!

3 Facts About Email Security Threats You May Not Have Considered

Is your company currently paying for a variety of different off-the-shelf anti-spam and email protection solutions? While it's true that your internet service provider (ISP) will attempt to stop some of the worst email threats from ever reaching you, you have probably also purchased email software with filtering capabilities to catch incoming spam. Plus, you have likely paid for additional bandwidth and storage space over the years to handle all those overflowing junk folders without bogging down your network.

Unfortunately, these tactics aren't doing enough. Seriously. What's more, if you haven't spent much of anything to tackle spam and secure your email accounts, you're still paying—with lost employee productivity and the risk of a business-crippling data loss event.

Still unsure? Consider these factors about email threats—and then call the Email and IT Security pros at InnoTek.

Phishing scams get more sophisticated every day

By now, most of us know not to trust Nigerian princes emailing to give us millions of dollars. However, the combination of technology and social engineering have spawned phishing attacks that are more sophisticated—and scarier—than ever before. Email scammers will often use contact information on your website and from other legitimate sources to carefully customize their attempts at extracting data or funds from your company.

A single email can lead to massive data loss

Not all spam is quite obviously spam, and this is the type that gets around even sophisticated email filters and into your inbox. Some emails take the form of hoaxes that seem so real that we feel the need to forward them to others, and before we know it, they've taken on a life of their own. All it takes is for one recipient of such an email to take actions requested by the scammer, and your confidential information could be handed over.

Your helpful employees pose a significant security risk

Many phishing attacks manipulate victims by impersonating a trusted person—specifically a boss. Criminals find out details about the CEO or managers of a company. Then, they use that information to craft targeted phishing messages to trick employees into making financial transfers or compromising company data. Your employees want to be helpful, so they are at risk of falling into these traps. Luckily, Security Awareness Training can help your employees spot and stop these fraud attempts.

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With Email Security Services from InnoTek, You Get:

  • Complete Email Inbox Security – Our advanced solutions stop spam, viruses, worms, and other malware typically transmitted by hackers via email messages from reaching your company's inboxes.
  • Easy to Access Archives – We give you the power to preserve and access older emails more easily with an online archive of all inbound and outbound filtered messages with attachments and flexible search features.
  • Full-Featured Search Functionality – No more hidden and inaccessible email archives. You gain full email indexing and seamless access to records.
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiencies - Offload the massive storage space that corporate email accounts and archived messages take up. Our email security solution makes it possible.


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