Our Clients

“InnoTek Keeps Us On The Field And Off The Bench!”

“InnoTek Keeps Us On The Field And Off The Bench!”

After getting set up with InnoTek it was clear how much of an improvement was made in our day to day operations. From standardized desktops to workstation virtualization, our network runs great! Backups are current and maintained, and support is only a phone call or e-mail away. InnoTek researches new technology and makes sure we have the best tools for All Sports America to run smoothly. Thanks Fred!

All Sports America

“InnoTek Has Served Our Firm For The Past 6 Years And Are A Valuable Asset To Our Business!”

“InnoTek Has Served Our Firm For The Past 6 Years And Are A Valuable Asset To Our Business!”

When we started our endeavor into a Service related business we were concerned with how we would handle the large number of accounts. This business has many moving parts. It was important to have consistent information for our customer base. Fred and his staff have been instrumental in providing solutions to complete our processes. We are extremely pleased with the flexibility urCloud provides our business. Our firm has Service Technicians who work remotely from their vehicles. This provides our office with real-time communications to these Techs. This is absolutely essential to us with sharing files for our customer base. The latest information whether revised in the office or at the service address and provides our customers with the professionalism they deserve. Innotek has served our firm for the past 6 years and are a valuable asset to our business.

Menco Mechanical, LLC

“In Our Business, Response Time Is Very Important. We Cannot Afford To Have Any Down Time And They Make Sure Of That”

“In Our Business, Response Time Is Very Important. We Cannot Afford To Have Any Down Time And They Make Sure Of That”

We use InnoTek because they make our technology so convenient. Their technicians are excellent and they are always responsive to our needs. In our business, response time is very important. We cannot afford to have any down time and they make sure of that.

Their ability to monitor our system from their office is very important. They know we’re down before we even know we’re down. The fact that they can do everything remotely is a HUGE convenience.

If anyone is looking to upgrade their system or looking for another IT partner, please seriously consider InnoTek. Call me and I’d be happy to discuss it with you. We are that happy.

Palco Federal Credit Union


I would like to take a moment to share my experience working with Nate today regarding the switch from our old email provider to your Hosted Exchange. First and foremost, you know I was resistant towards the change, mainly because of my time investment and the old saying if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Well, I have to say, I can already see the positive results of your and Nate’s recommendation. Thank you for your persistence. I really appreciate your efforts. As far as working together with Nate today, it was a pleasure. He obviously knows his stuff. I find that we don’t let people know enough how happy we are when things work out to our liking. A special thank you to Nate for being such an informative and easy person to work with today.

All the best,


Prime Business Advantage

Several weeks ago, I was experiencing some serious computer issues in my office. I run an insurance agency in the Bloomsburg area, and the computers are the life’s blood of my business. It was very troubling that I could not get a prompt appointment from my previous computer tech agency, and when they finally did respond, they made more problems for me than I had before. I was told that I do not spend enough money for them to take care of my business.

That is when I contacted Innotek. They were a savior. The crew at Innotek came to my office the very next day and within two days, they had my office running better than it ever had before. I was extremely pleased with the service they gave me and the price they charged was definitely fair. They treated us like we really meant something to them.

I would not hesitate to recommend the people and services at Innotek to any of my friends or clients.

Thank you for taking care of us.

Zimmer Insurance Agency, Inc.

Fred Reck is a rarity in business today: Someone you can trust to do what is right for your company when no one is looking. His company can be relied upon to provide your organization great IT services at a reasonable price. I have known Fred for several years and he has never let me down. I encourage you to consider giving Innotek Computer Consulting a try!

Success With People
Author of The Company Culture Challenge, The E.H.R. Guru, and Cloud Accounting

Well pleased with your services, I’m very grateful for your support.

Koch Appraisals

Superintendent of the Grandstand Bloomsburg Fair

I'm Very Happy and satisfied with the work done at my site.

Budget Host Patriot Inn

I thought my office install was a job well done.

Prime Business Advantage

I'm happy to have you in town to call on.

Twin Bridges

We are starting to spool up again this year for our wireless service at the rally site, and it brought back memories of how WELL you guys treated us.

Director of the CyberCafe
BMW Motorcycle Owners Association 2011 World Motorcycle Rally

At our downtown commercial use building, InnoTek installed surveillance cameras both inside and outside the building. We often rely on the digital footage to identify vandals. In the four years we’ve owned the building, the local police department has reviewed our footage on four separate occasions to investigate activity on the street outside the building. We are secure in knowing that we can see the activity at the building at any time from any computer ! Thanks, InnoTek!

Apex Property Management & Maintenance, Inc.

I'm pleased to be partnered up with InnoTek and am very pleased with the support that has been given.

Omni IT Solutions

Board of Directors
BMW Motorcycle Owners Association 2011 World Motorcycle Rally

I wanted to express my sincerest thanks for all of your expert assistance with this project. It would have been nearly impossible without you being on site. Sorry it came as such a rush and during your trade show as well. I do appreciate you taking the time to do "double duty" for us and especially for all your efforts on our behalf - they were far above and beyond the call. You do a good job of maintaining a calm demeanor in light of the confusion from everyone (including HP...). It's especially nice to hear a calm voice when even HP is tearing their hair out. Good job!

Hopefully, it's to a point where I can complete the minor software updates remotely following the last SAN restripe. However, it's good to know that you're there should we need "feet in the street".

Technical Specialist
Omni-IT-Solutions, Inc.

Dear Fred,

Just wanted to thank you for all you have done for the Bloomsburg Fair since your company took over our IT management. Your proactive approach to seeing that things are done correctly and with “The total picture in mind” has made a tremendous difference.

The prompt response to our calls along with the professional mannerism and knowledge of your staff has provided us with service that far exceeds my expectations.

Thanks to you and your staff, our network was set up properly on our office server and our ticket server was updated to a virtual server that works perfectly.

To say that you go beyond the norm is an understatement. With the recent flooding of the fairground and the loss of many of our computers, your forethought of having proper backup in place has proven invaluable.

Not only did you get us up and running again, you provided office space at your company for us so that we could keep up with essential things.

Please feel free to use me as a reference for your business. I have already recommended your service to others.

Superintendent of Grandstand
Bloomsburg Fair