CryptoLocker Information

CyrpotoLocker is a new Internet virus that can ruin
your computer.

CryptoLocker Screenshot

What does CryptoLocker do?

It is a form of “ransomware” where it finds all the data files on that machine and encrypts them so the user can no longer read those files. The malware then informs the infected user that he or she must pay a ransom in order to unlock their files.

How do you get CryptoLocker?

It is spread from different phishing campaigns. Some come from legitimate businesses, others come through phony Federal Express or UPS tracking notifications.

How do you know if your system is infected?

You will be locked out of your computer. If your computer is acting slow and your antivirus software is out of date, you are at risk.

What can you do?

Immediately upgrade your antivirus software and perform a scan. Seek professional help from InnoTek Computer Consulting, Inc. to avoid coming into contact with this evil virus.

Watch the video below to see
how this virus works!