Was your business derailed by the shelter in-place mandate?

During the recent pandemic crisis, clients using InnoTekCloud!™ Virtual Hosted Office found themselves already prepared to work remotely. It enabled their organizations to quickly and seamlessly switch to working from home with virtually no impact.


InnoTekCloud!™ Virtual Hosted Office

By now, most of us have an idea of what The Cloud is. Instead of purchasing hardware and software for your office, cloud computing allows you to put your programs on a highly secure online super-server. All you need is an Internet connection to your office and you can access it anywhere, anytime.

InnoTekCloud!™ also provides these benefits:

  1. Ability To Create An INSTANT Virtual Office
  2. Save Money On Software, Hardware And Support
  3. Less Downtime and Fewer Problems
  4. Automatic Disaster Recovery
  5. Hassle-Free Software
  6. More Environmentally Friendly
  7. No More Expensive Software Upgrades
  8. Reduced Maintenance

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We're also offering a complimentary download of our E-Guide: "Embracing the Age of Mobility" for insight into the new 'Bring Your Own Device' workplace.

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