5 Steps to Take to Improve Your Corporate Email Security

You likely know that emails from a Nigerian Prince who offers you a portion of his fortune if you wire him $10,000 right now are fake. But phishing emails aren’t the only way cybercriminals can use email to attack your business. Whether it’s through sending emails that look legitimate, learning your password to gain access to your network, or one of your employees clicking on a link they shouldn’t, you need to take corporate email security very seriously.

What Industries Benefit the Most from InnoTek’s VoIP Consulting Services?

There is no doubt that voice over internet protocol (VoIP) makes good sense for small businesses. Between helping you cut costs on unlimited calls, video conferencing, and caller ID, not to mention all the advanced features like sending calls to mobile devices or desk phones and email, phone, and fax services, transitioning to VoIP is a smart move for any business.

5 Simple Things You Can Do to Keep Your Network Safe

When you own a small business, it’s often a culmination of years of hard work, long hours, and plenty of hustle. To physically protect your business, you may have installed a security system at your office. However, if you haven’t thought about virtually safeguarding your business, you’re putting everything you’ve worked hard to build at risk.

InnoTek Computer Consulting ranked as one of the top MSPs in world-wide study

Local IT Consulting business with offices in Bloomsburg and Hazleton recognized as a leader in the Managed Service Provider field.
Every year, managed service providers (MSPs) around the world throw their hats in the ring and apply for Channel Futures’ annual MSP 501 ranking list, the IT channel’s first, largest and most comprehensive industry ranking survey.

InnoTek’s Clients Stay Safe while Businesses Around the Globe Scramble to Recover from Petya and WannaCry attacks

InnoTek's Clients Stay Safe while Businesses

Around the Globe Scramble to Recover from

Petya and WannaCry attacks.

The most recent Petya ransomware attack spread quickly around the world from businesses in Europe to Merck and a Pennsylvania Health System here in the US. Meanwhile, customers of InnoTek Computer Consulting experienced no ill effects of the cyberattack.

Computer Consulting Expert, Fred Reck, Hits Amazon Best-Seller List

Fred Reck recently hit six separate Amazon.com best-seller lists with “The Tech Multiplier” book.

Bloomsburg, Pa. – January 28, 2013 – Fred Reck, President and CEO of Innotek Computer Consulting, has joined a select group of the America’s leading experts to co-write the book titled, “The Tech Multiplier: The World’s Leading Technology Consultants Reveal In Depth Case Studies of How the Smartest Businesses in the World are Leveraging Technology to Increase Profits and Reduce Waste While Safeguarding Data.