Why Does Your Small Business Need Email Protection Services?

How many emails do you and your employees send each day? While there is no doubt that email has become a primary mode of communication for many businesses, it also comes with its share of risks. Some of the email threats your business faces each day include:

Someone else, other than the intended recipient, reading your emails
Receiving and clicking on a fraudulent email that looks legitimate
Hard-to-access archives that make breaking into Fort Knox look easy

And if you’re feeling comfortable with your email security because you use spam filters, then you are exactly where cybercriminals want you to be.

Password Hygiene & Your Employees: How to Improve Network Security for Your Business

We have all seen the headlines: Data Breach Affects Local Business and Its Customers. If your personal or business data has never been stolen or compromised, consider yourself one of the lucky few. That’s why it is important to protect yourself, your business, and your customers by ensuring proper password hygiene is followed according to the latest guidelines.

6 Cybersecurity Questions to Ask Before You Hire an Office Relocation Service Provider

Whether your business is already in Northeastern PA or you’re new to the area, moving your office is an exciting time. It often means you’re growing and need to expand the space you have to serve more customers and increase your profits. Before you pick out the paint color for your new office or order new filing cabinets to support your growing business, however, you have a significant concern you need to address—safely moving your entire network and technology infrastructure.

5 Steps to Take to Improve Your Corporate Email Security

You likely know that emails from a Nigerian Prince who offers you a portion of his fortune if you wire him $10,000 right now are fake. But phishing emails aren’t the only way cybercriminals can use email to attack your business. Whether it’s through sending emails that look legitimate, learning your password to gain access to your network, or one of your employees clicking on a link they shouldn’t, you need to take corporate email security very seriously.

What Industries Benefit the Most from InnoTek’s VoIP Consulting Services?

There is no doubt that voice over internet protocol (VoIP) makes good sense for small businesses. Between helping you cut costs on unlimited calls, video conferencing, and caller ID, not to mention all the advanced features like sending calls to mobile devices or desk phones and email, phone, and fax services, transitioning to VoIP is a smart move for any business.