5 Steps to Take to Improve Your Corporate Email Security

You likely know that emails from a Nigerian Prince who offers you a portion of his fortune if you wire him $10,000 right now are fake. But phishing emails aren’t the only way cybercriminals can use email to attack your business. Whether it’s through sending emails that look legitimate, learning your password to gain access to your network, or one of your employees clicking on a link they shouldn’t, you need to take corporate email security very seriously.

What Industries Benefit the Most from InnoTek’s VoIP Consulting Services?

There is no doubt that voice over internet protocol (VoIP) makes good sense for small businesses. Between helping you cut costs on unlimited calls, video conferencing, and caller ID, not to mention all the advanced features like sending calls to mobile devices or desk phones and email, phone, and fax services, transitioning to VoIP is a smart move for any business.

5 Simple Things You Can Do to Keep Your Network Safe

When you own a small business, it’s often a culmination of years of hard work, long hours, and plenty of hustle. To physically protect your business, you may have installed a security system at your office. However, if you haven’t thought about virtually safeguarding your business, you’re putting everything you’ve worked hard to build at risk.