Network With Winners At This Free ½ Day Lunch – Learn Seminar

A 360˚ Approach To All Things Technology: Control The Chaos, Protect Your Small Business, and Turn Unknowns into Opportunities

9:30 am
May 24, 2016
Session Time:
10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Sand Springs Golf Club

During This Session You’ll Learn:

  • Proven, Ready to use strategies to Secure Your Business. No other event in North East, PA delivers as much usable, tested and proved strategies from experts in the technology field! When you leave, you will have pages of notes on specific actions you can apply to your business to immediately improve your business and technology systems!
  • An amazing Lineup of Speakers and Industry Experts. InnoTek has put together an impressive array of notable speakers, industry experts, and security professionals who deliver truly actionable and information packed presentations. These speakers will get you thinking in new ways about your business successes and protection.
  • Live demonstrations of Cloud Technologies, IT Security Products and Other Business Strategies. In addition to the event sponsors and experts, there will be booths set up to demonstrate the latest in business technologies. Check out the latest in Cloud technologies that allow you to work remotely and securely from any device. Technologies to secure your mobile devices and methods to help control your BYOD policy at work. Empower your employees to use technical resources effectively, maximize personal efficiency and increase company profits.
  • Hang out with Winners. This ½ day event attracts business owners and executives looking to improve their business with the use of technology. Discuss business challenges with like-minded, forward thinking businesses. 75% of business comes from networking!

Here’s What Attendees Had To Say About The Expo

"At the time of last year’s Tech Expo I was thinking about going to the Cloud with shared data. The session they had on the Cloud gave me the information I needed to move forward with it. I also gained a lot of insight from both the Security Expert and the Agent from the FBI that was there. I look forward to attending this year’s Expo, to see what other good information I can pick up."

Dave Mosteller,
Milco Industries

“Last years was great and this years should be even better!”

Anthony Barnasconi,
Central Credit Audit

"Fred I was just amazed with your event today. I clearly did not understand the capabilities of InnoTek. I often talk with customers regarding safety and security of their finances, now I believe I can adequately endorse you and your team, Bravo!"

Melissa D Fisher VP, Sr Branch,
Manager at M&T Bank

"Very educational, helpful and eyeing on up to date and current issues that can be dangerous to companies"

William Leister,
Prime Business Advantage

“This event is well worth your time!”

Michael Nardone,
Michael Nardone, CPA

“This event was excellent! The vendors were extremely knowledgeable and all were a great mix. I really enjoyed the Eastcoast IT Panel Discussion!” Excellent Idea!”

Allen Breach,
Locust Township Police

“Very nice event! Very useful for anyone. I work with the public and their computers every day. This event helped me learn more about current threats and new threats that are arising”

Jeff Seebold,
Public Library for Union County

“As a vendor I thought this was a great event! Great networking and plenty of time to talk with attendees”

Al Quimby,
PenTele Data

“As a vendor, I thought this Expo was great. All vendors had great exposure. I genuinely got to shake every attendees hand”

Ken Fisher,
Tri-County Business Machines

“This Expo was well worth my time. The additional awareness and topics were great”

Bill Scruggs,
Hawk Mountain Labs, Inc.

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