Storm Season Is Upon Us…
Are You Protected?

It’s never too late to prepare for those pop-up storms that occur randomly at this time of year often resulting in everything from ice damage to lightning fires. During this time of year the threat of fire, flood, severe storms, water damage from office sprinklers, and even theft is very real.

One of the most valuable assets for any company is its data. Hardware and software can easily be replaced, but a company’s data cannot!

As a reminder to all of our clients and friends, here are some simple things you should do to make sure your company is ready for any natural disaster.

1. Back Up Your Data Remotely! Everyone knows that data should be backed up on a daily basis, but many people still use in-house backup systems that will get damaged in a natural disaster or fire, and can easily be stolen. We recommend backing up all data to an off-site location, and we offer this as a service to our clients.

2. Use a Quality Surge Protector With Uninterruptible Power Supply Battery. A high quality surge protector combined with an uninterruptible power supply battery backup will go a long way in protecting sensitive electronic equipment from surges and other electronic irregularities that can destroy your computer’s circuitry.

3. Make Sure Your Servers Are Off The Floor Or In The Cloud. If your office gets flooded, having your equipment off the floor will prevent it from being completely destroyed. Server racks can be purchased and installed very inexpensively. Or consider moving your critical server equipment to the cloud and be protected no matter the weather!

4. Have A Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan. Every business should have some type of plan in place for continued operation after a disaster. Would people know where to go? Who to call? How to log in and access data remotely? Hopefully you’ll never need it, but having a simple plan will make you sleep a lot easier at night knowing you have a way to continue to operate when disaster strikes.

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Don’t lose everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve in an instant! This report will reveal important planning strategies you should have in place now to protect yourself from common data-erasing disasters including natural hazards, human error, cyber criminals, hardware failure, software corruption and other IT failures.

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"Your forethought of having proper backup in place has proven invaluable"

Just wanted to thank you for all you have done for the Bloomsburg Fair since your company took over our IT management. Your proactive approach to seeing that things are done correctly and with “The total picture in mind” has made a tremendous difference. The prompt response to our calls along with the professional mannerism and knowledge of your staff has provided us with service that far exceeds my expectations.

To say that you go beyond the norm is an understatement. With the recent flooding of the fairground and the loss of many of our computers, your forethought of having proper backup in place has proven invaluable. Not only did you get us up and running again, you provided office space at your company for us so that we could keep up with essential things. Please feel free to use me as a reference for your business. I have already recommended your service to others.”

Carey Howell, Superintendent, Grandstand Bloomsburg Fair

"It Is A Huge Benefit To Us That We Have A Local And Reliable IT Company Around."

My compliments to Fred Reck and the computer business that he has built. InnoTek always does a very nice job with the work that they do. It is a huge benefit to us that we have a local, and reliable IT company around.

Fred Bennett, President, Fishing Creek Transportation